Sportsday: My Review

This review was written October 2022.

Sportsday is one of Lazytown’s best episodes ever. Energy explains it for you. Have you ever heard the UK version of Energy? Stephanie’s voice is CRAY-CRAY.

It’s only the 3rd episode and there are already 2 special days for Lazytown. Over Seasons 1-4 we have about 6 special days [Sportacular Spectacle Day, Sports Day, Laziest Town Day, Records Day, First Day of Summer & Lazy Cup]. That’s weird. This episode is the beginning of it all as the production code is #102. #101 is The Lazy Dance which Chris Crow has but can’t/won’t release. This is the beginning of an overused plan in LazyTown, the Sugar Apple. By time as you watch the series the sugar apple plot gets overused and boring. Although in S4E2, it wasn’t used on Sportacus. One thing is.. when Robbie crashed into the apple tree, why didn’t Sportacus save him?? Well, it is only episode 3, so you can’t really expect things THAT unexpected to happen. Overall, I think this was a decent episode.


Life is great with Lazytown!

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Life is great with Lazytown!
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