this page is still under progress. all quotes below are from the first thirty five episodes of LazyTown

LazyTown Season 1 (2004-2006)

“ don’t want to disappoint Stephanie.. or anyone else. “

“My feet are going cuckoo!”

“Should be ready just about now.. well.. almost ready.”
“Here’s the REAL energy!”

“I’m having a meltdown.”

“I have a race to finish!”

“Be careful, it’s powerful.”

“You have a hero inside you, Ziggy.”

“You did a good thing, Robbie!”

“Somebody’s in trouble!”

“The things you do affect everyone, not just you!”

“Sleeping – that’s the secret to my energy!”

“(yawn) Pillow!”

“Food’s for growing, not for throwing!”

“How could somebody see me not doing something?!”

“Detective? I think you forgot to lock the door.”

“Carrots for vitamin A, potato for vitamin B, and tomato for vitamin C. Now THAT’S the way to use the ABCs!”

“I thought you might need a hand!”

“Fresh, and minty.”

“Just because you disagree with someone doesn’t mean that they’re not your friends.”

“Do you still wanna go scouting?”

“Everyone’s afraid of SOMETHING.”

“No apples?”

“It’s okay to have Ice cream SOMETIMES.”

“Remember when Robbie gave me the shoes and my feet and my feet went crazy?”

“When there’s work to be done, there are no shortcuts.”

“(Pixel tells him he has to stand still): What?!”

“You have to be careful playing DareDevils.”

“Make your move.”

‘”You can’t be a cowboy without a hat!”

“Pixel runs down the field for the touchdown!”

“The letter! I didn’t sign my name.”

“The blue elf?”


“You told me to never ever ever save ANYONE!”

“I’m gonna sit down and do NOTHING all day?”

“9,999.. and ten thousand!”

“Vacation time is over.”

“Saving people is the best vacation there is!”

“That’s not real! That’s a puppet!”

“Someone’s in trouble!”

“Someone needs help!”

“I like bananas, I like grapes, I like broccoli, apples, and watermelons.. I like them all!”

“You’ll lose if you don’t try!”

“Anyone can be a superhero!”


MagQuoLineLAZYTOWN SEASON 2 (2006-2007)