The Possessor

Possessor is a ten year old African Australian male LazyTown fan, who has been an active fan since circa 2013-2015. He is one of the rare people in the LazyCommunity who actually have Sportacus as their favourite Lazytowner. He likes Magnus more then Julianna.

This site was originally a Sportacus shoops website inspired by 2009’s It was called “sportacurse”, and was hosted by with Coppermine Photo Gallery. He and LazyPooky consistently uploaded there.

Ever since Pooky updated, the website had some issues with the new PHP-8 update. So possessor took up Pooky’s offer of a fresh, new, WordPress blog site.

Possessor immediately modified the site, changing the name, logo, web adress, background, and deleting every post and page and adding his own.

While the site might be.. well.. dry and infamous, Possessor still enjoys updating it. It’s actually F U N! 

Possessor’s favourite show is LazyTown and his favourite movie is Supercop. His hobbies are making videos, writing, watching movies, watching Lazytown, reading books, and more.

In terms of visual technology, movies, and television, possessor prefers the olden days. 1985-2014, specifically.

Other then LazyTown, possessor is interested in:

  1. computers
  2. coding
  3. action movies
  4. food
  5. jackie chan
  6. books
  7. wimpy kid
  8. …more