The Great Crystal Caper: My Review

This review was written Oct. 2022.


Titles can be deceiving but the episode isn’t great. The only reason this is liked is because of Anything Can Happen, and the only reason THAT is liked is because of Robbie’s silliness. This episode has had some good scenes. Robbie falling into a hole, his convo with Stinky and that heartwarming moment at the end. Besides that it is still not a good episode. There are lots of mistakes. The crystal is supposed to be lost in this episode, but in some scenes where Sportacus does his flippity-floppities, Lazytown just reuses short clips/scenes where Sportacus has his crystal. What’s good is that you can use everyone looking for the crystal as a meme. What would the caption be? “Lisa Gaming trying to find her braincells” or “Me trying to find who asked”. Imaoooo that would be a good meme if it was really posted on Imgflip.

Peeps count Robbie as the villian, but I think it’s Stingy. He thinks Sportacus doesn’t need his crystal, when he GOT SAVED BECAUSE OF THE DAMN CRYSTAL… chippy. I don’t think that this is the worst. But I do not like it. Bad episode. No-no. Not good. I am thinking of a number to rate this episode but I can’t think because I don’t like it. But, it isn’t as bad as the episode that will be reviewed in Review 13.


Life is great with Lazytown!

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Life is great with Lazytown!
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