Sleepless in LazyTown: My Review

I don’t have much 2 say about this episode. It’s one of the more “Iconified Robbie” episodes. But who sleeps outside, then complains about the noise? Robbie Rotten! [Who did you except, Sportaloon?]

This episode teaches a really really good moral. You should sleep, because it prepares you for the day. I’m worried about Pixel, though. He looks like he doesn’t get any sleep at all. Robbie deserves some advice. COME UP WITH NEW PLANS! Enough sugar apples, enough doing sports and preventing Sportacus to lose so he can leave, but do something actually evil! You don’t stick by your name, Glanni! What happened? Since the unaired pilot, you’ve been a big baby!! Stop it and become tough again! You need better plans because they’re gonna backfire. Don’t believe me? Watch the post-bing bang scene for this episode [Robbie’s Joke/ending gag]. “NOOOOOOOO-” at the end was really iconic. I liked that Imfao. So for the number rating instead of the word rating, it’s a bad but good episode. It’s decent. And decent is not the favourite, good, bad or worst rating. It’s the middle. So for decent ratings…

4.9/10. Sorry for all the lovers Imao.


Life is great with Lazytown!

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Life is great with Lazytown!
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