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Magnus Scheving Interview Archive

I recently found many Magnus interviews from 2003-2020 and uploaded them on an HTML-coded Neocities web-page. https://magnusschevinginterviewarchive.neocities.org/ There are also a few links to Lazytown related sites in one page and a Magnus Scheving biography. If there’s one that you … Continue reading

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LazyTown Fans Interview

I‘m doing an interview with Lazytown fans which contains 11 Magnus/Sportacus questions. You can email me your answers at [email protected] or private message me on the Lazytown forums. My username is possessor. Here are the questions What is your favourite … Continue reading

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Photo Collection 1 – Maggi Scheving

Inspired by LazyTown.eu’s photo album feature, and LazyTownPoint, I’ve decided to make photo albums. They will be related to Magnus, Sportacus, or LazyTown (the franchise). These will be published as video AND folders. I’ve already made a photo collection, and … Continue reading

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10 Things You Might or Might Not Know about Magnus Scheving

If you know all of these, you’re a certified LazyTowner! 10. Magnus Scheving can’t sing. Crazy, right? But according to a LazyTownPoint interview between Stefan Karl and Cosmik Laila on October 12, 2007, Stefan says he can’t sing for his … Continue reading

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