10 Things You Might or Might Not Know about Magnus Scheving

If you know all of these, you’re a certified LazyTowner! 10. Magnus Scheving can’t sing.

Crazy, right? But according to a LazyTownPoint interview between Stefan Karl and Cosmik Laila on October 12, 2007, Stefan says he can’t sing for his life.

CL: Some people think Magnus was singing on some songs, and he’s not…?

SK: No, Magnus can’t sing.

CL: Not at all?

SK: Not to save his life! He can’t even sing “Happy Birthday” so you would recognize the song.

CL: Well, that’s a ‘Rotten’ thing to say! (laughter)

SK: Yeah, truth can be rotten, yeah I know.

Eesh, Stefan. Too harsh.

So you might be wondering – who the heck sings for Scheving? Matthias Matthonson sings for Scheving, while Magnus either lip-syncs, talks normally, or.. well.. just sings.

Jon Josep is the one who sings Welcome to LazyTown, in the unused version, the used version, and probably Icelandic version.

9. Magnus Scheving dubs himself in Latibaer

If you don’t know this, I don’t blame you, to be honest.

In the Icelandic dub of LazyTown, Scheving, Steffanson and Gudmondor Karason dub themselves due to being from Iceland, and most likely just to save money.

8. LazyTown is not the only LazyTown Entertainment / Magnus production

No, this doesn’t count the plays, or the promos. This counts “Dugg Hole People” (Duggholufolkid) Magnus’ first role not related to LazyTown in 2007. He was a co-producer, against Raymond P. Le Gue, who also worked on LazyTown.

Surprisingly, according to the IMBD, the movie was produced by LazyTown Entertainment.

7. Magnus built his own house!

I would be very surprised if you didn’t know this.

In a UK Guardian article from 2006, I quote Simon Mills and Magnus on this –

Scheving’s overachieving CV is varied, to say the least. Just listening to him describe it is exhausting. At first he wanted to be an architect but ended up as a carpenter, a skill that helped him build his own house. “And by that I mean physically built the house,” he says. “I laid every brick and roof tile.”

6. Magnus likes every single Sportscandy

According to a Cosmik Laila / Magnus Scheving interview from 2009, Magnus says he likes every sportscandy / fruit / veggie.

CL: You seem to promote red apples alot with LazyTown – What do you think about the green ‘Granny Smith’ (Beatle) apples?

    M: I still haven’t found a “SportsCandy” I didn’t like. So green apples are just as good as the red ones.


5. There was a gym at LazyTown

That’s right, folks, whenever Magnus Scheving took a S T E P into the LazyTown Entertainment studio, the first thing he’d do, is get his energy on.

4. Magnus did most of the jobs needed at LazyTown Ent


Magnus in his Sportacus costume, holding the script, looking at a computer with a LazyTown backdrop on it.

Yeah, crazy. You probably thought all he did was create the show, and got it on with. But, asides from creating the show, Magnus..

  • wrote all episodes
  • directed all episodes
  • made the story of all episodes
  • created the show
  • produced all episodes
  • executively produced all episodes
  • acted in all episodes
  • did some-most of the Sportastunts
  • designed the production
  • designed the wardwrobe
  • designed the puppets
  • ..and is the C.E.O of LTE, co-founder of LTE, creator of LTE

Meaning most of the Lato (money made from Lazytown) went to Scheving.

3. Magnus owned a talkshow in the early 90s


In 1991, up until 1993, Magnus owned a talk-show (most likely radio) where parents aiming for healthy kids could ask questions on how to get their children healthier.

Magnus realized that parents kept on asking the same questions over and over again, as if he was talking to the same parents.

So, he made the book Afram Latibaer in Nov. 1995, and that was the start of LazyTown!

2. Magnus doesn’t have social media

Magnus Scheving DOES have social media, but he is not active on Twitter.

He does not have an official Instragram, Tumblr, YouTube.. not even an account on LazyTown.eu! (sign up for one at – forums.lazytown.eu)

1. Magnus once wrote a column for a magazine

The Sun, a popular UK magazine offered Magnus his own health column in July 2008. Remember, this is when office work wasn’t the only thing happening at the LazyTown studios. They WERE filming the first season of LazyTown Extra.

Anyways, he decided that he would write as Sportacus. He also decided he would get one article out every 3 weeks.

Magnus eating a carrot.. ROFL

There is no online footage or media of this article.


I hope you enjoyed this post and found out some more about Magnus! Remember, get it together, because no one’s lazy!


Life is great with Lazytown!

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Life is great with Lazytown!
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