Sportacus Audition Instructions (2013)

The tragic news that Magnus Scheving would not play Sportacus anymore was announced almost eleven years ago. Luckily, LazyTown Entertainment was prepared, using a site called LetitCast to host the auditions. When Stephanie’s original actor Julianna Mauriello was too old to play the role of a ten year old, the team did the same thing, except to find Stephanie.

A relic has been found, and that relic are the instructions of what to do in your audition video if you were running for Sportacus! Pretty pointless 11 years later, but still pretty cool..

SUPERHERO – Click on me to read the PDF!!

Here’s a snapshot taken by our very own LazyPooky of what the website would’ve looked like in 2013. (Deadline was September 10, 2013.)




Life is great with Lazytown!

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Life is great with Lazytown!
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