After reading Kung Fu Monthly 8 I realized that it was completely boring and overrated. One day at school I had finished a test early and decided to think about this magazine. Then I realized, WHY NOT DO A MAGAZINE MYSELF?! A magazine that could be about something enjoyable but make the magazine fun?

I launched Move It Monthly, a Magnus fan magazine consisting of

-Sportacus Quotes from the TV show and why I love them

-Comics from the LazyTown magazines (UK, 2000s)

– A review of one of the episodes from Season 1 (Soon to be replaced with LazyTown recipes from Nick Jr.)


-A LazyTown photoshop that appealed to me.

-Behind the scenes of specific LazyTown content. (Lazy Dance, theater plays, unaired pilot)

-An interview with somebody who worked on GetLazy or LazyTown.

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First edition is out right now!


Life is great with Lazytown!

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Life is great with Lazytown!
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