Interview with Chris Crow

Chris Crow has been banned from GetLazy due to possession of CP. This interview is from 2022.

Interview with forum member Stingy
by member possessor of mine

What got you into LazyTown?
I was watching YouTube in 2008 listening to music and there was a related video with a thumbnail of these weird pink and blue characters and thought, “what the hell is that??” It ended up being a LazyTown music video to the Toy Box song, Tarzan and Jane. That kind of thing was a fad at the time. I watched as this incredibly unique world was flashing before me, yet completely out of context. I needed to know more about this thing so I started looking for more and I found some LazyTown songs. It was some of the more popular or memed songs from season 1. I remember distinctly that the first actual LazyTown song I listened to was the Time to Dance single of Bing Bang, which I always found very ironic since it’s the only song that wasn’t produced by Máni Svavarsson. Some of the other first songs I discovered were You Are a Pirate, Cooking By The Book, and Spooky Song. I have a tendency to enjoy music that’s rooted from ABBA, which LazyTown music very much is, so it was a match made in heaven. At the time there was only season 1 and 2, and I knew all the songs before I even watched a single episode.

Who do you wish you could have met from LazyTown Entertainment?
I am grateful to have been able to meet and interact with the people that I have when I had the opportunity. I love our community and am still open to making new connections when they present themselves, or refreshing old connections.

What’s your favourite type of food?
I think Korean food is really taking off in America and I am definitely along for the ride. It is my current favorite!

Do you stand for Russia or Ukraine?
If we’ve learned anything from LazyTown, it’s that complex international disputes should be settled through a marathon announced by Bessie Busybody.

Why don’t you upload anymore youtube videos?
Making videos is just one of many ways that my creativity takes shape. That hasn’t results in any videos, LazyTown or otherwise lately, but who knows what will come in the future?!

If you could invent anything you wanted for 1 day what would you invent?
I would invent a way to hurl my present consciousness back into my early childhood so that I could relive my life with more wisdom. Funny how I dodged the earlier regret-focused question only to out myself on this one.

What are your opinions on my websites [,] or my Youtube?
I will always encourage fans to express their passion for LazyTown in whichever way comes to them. In your case it comes in the form of websites, which I think is fantastic. Keep it up, proud of you!

What is your opinion on how the UK dubbed Stephanie in Energy?
I don’t think I’ve heard it!

I surf through threads from 2007, 2008 and 2009, what is/was the trouble with Emilio/Madaetrix/ZiggyChannel?
2007 feels like lifetimes ago. I don’t remember any trouble like that and whatever happened then seems petty now.

How many times have you heard people mispronounce your last name?
Just once. When I was about 11.

How did you find out about (former) GetLazy?
I discovered LazyTown in the late 2000’s, which was also a time when bulletin board style forums were still very much in fashion. GetLazy had a lot of traffic in those days and stood as a clear hub for LazyTown fans, so it’s no surprise I came across it.

What would your life be without LazyTown?
LazyTown has played a significant part of my life and identity since my young adulthood. My relationship with it has changed and ebbed and flowed, and maybe someday it will be something only in my past. I don’t know what tomorrow brings but today I value LazyTown for the community and friends I’ve made, I value maintaining my collection of LazyTown merchandise and memorabilia, and I value being able to have it be a muse of sorts for various creative ideas.

What are your interests besides Lazytown?
These days I enjoy painting, biking, and VR gaming.

What is the worst thing about LazyTown?
Without a doubt it’s the way that LazyTown has come to its (present) end after the property was sold to Turner by Magnus Scheving. I get it; LazyTown was a very expensive production and it may not have made sense to continue it to season five and onward, but season four never felt like it got to finalize its production cycle. The cord was just cut, and that was that, fans and employees left out to dry. Fascinating universal symbolism when the former studio caught fire and much of what was physically left was destroyed. It’s certainly possible that the property gets resurrected in some form some day, but for now, what’s happened has been disappointing.

Is everything really Stingy’s?
I knew a kid like Stingy in preschool who was possessive of all the shared toys in class and on the playground. I called him a blockhead, which was the worst insult I knew at the time. Stingy has some redeeming qualities and cares for his friends deep down, so we will want to nurture that part of him.

Thanks to member Stingy for accepting this interview request.



Life is great with Lazytown!

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Life is great with Lazytown!
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