Top 5 LazyTown Episodes (Season 1)

So, this might be  a MS fansite but I love LazyTown equally! So here are my best episodes of S1 of LazyTown:

5. Sportacus on The Move

SPORTACUS on the move is a pretty good episode.. because it’s 24 minutes of Sportacus. An autobiographical documentary. The only thing I don’tlike is the re-used clips. All needed was original shots and this would be my favourite episode of S1.

4. Sportsday

I like this episode because it shows thee is always a way. Suger meltdown and Sportacus STILL wins Sports Day! I also love this episode because it was the first one produced, so you can say it was the start of a journey!

3. Sportafake

A Sportacus episode is a good episode. I love this episode because of No One’s Lazy in LazyTown, the plot, and the jokes. just an amazing classic episode of LazyTown, and one of the most recognized!

2. Surprise Santa

I like this episode because it has had a lot of changes, shows Robbie is a good person, and is a Chrimuh episode!

1. Pixelspix

The reason I like this the best it because it ACTUALLY focuses on Pixel and websites – so it was kinda made for the webloving ones out there. Not only that but Pixelspix is a cool HTML website all coded by an 8  yr old!


Life is great with Lazytown!

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Life is great with Lazytown!
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