Sportacus-ifying your computer #2 – A whole themepack

you might be wondering – “Oh, why didn’t you make the screensaver a part of the theme?” Well, I made the themepack first and then it occured to me, there were apps to make screensavers. So uhh… yeah. heh.

According to Mediafire this works on MacOS and Linux. I’m doubting it, but you can try it if you’re running those OS’s.

If you’re wondering, this is fully compatible with WindowBlinds themes, as well as Retrobar, Open-Shell, SimpleClassicTheme, etc.

So the theme has icons from a Windows 98 Sports theme, sounds from that exact same theme, wallpapers from various sources (they change every 60 seconds, this was inspired by the Windows 8 OS-TAN themepack).

Not many have downloaded the theme, so if you’re seeing this, you should download the theme.


Life is great with Lazytown!

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Life is great with Lazytown!
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