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Sportacus 10 (“Sportacus” to his friends) is LazyTown’s resident action-health hero, a flesh and blood human with amazing physical strength and incredible agility. This extraordinary guy exemplifies the benefits of
exercising, practicing, and refusing to take the easy way out. But mostly he’s someone who has fun! Physicality and acrobatic stunts are woven into the fabric of Sportacus’s daily life, from walking on his hands when he goes to the store to jumping over plants to water them.

From high in the sky in his airship (a fantastical flying base filled with man-powered contraptions), Sportacus trolls the skies of LazyTown scanning for trouble. Well, trouble and fun.

In addition to being an advocate of an active and healthy lifestyle Sportacus is an actual hero, a rescuer of small animals and helper of children. But he’s not a professor. Sportacus doesn’t lecture, he demonstrates the advantages of his lifestyle with a childlike glee. He inspires and leaves the choice to you.

Like all of us, though, Sportacus isn’t perfect. He’s tempted by all of the alluring vices that LazyTown offers. And because his body is accustomed to an extra-healthy lifestyle, when he gives in to temptation and does something unhealthy, the effects are many times more negative than those experienced by normal people!

His dramatic battles with temptation are extended comedic struggles. Each tempting event is an overly dramatic, tense inner war as Sportacus almost succumbs multiple times until, finally, his resolve bursts forth and he bellows a heartfelt, “Not for MEEEEE!” Kids will relate to Sportacus’s struggle with unhealthiness and cheer his ability to triumph over it.

No matter how serious his job as defender of the helpless and advocate of the healthy, Sportacus can’t hide his childlike sense of fun. Because of his ebullient nature, he often giddily enjoys an activity with the LazyTown kids so much that he forgets the pressing business at hand. That’s when he has to be reminded by the kids of his heroic duty.

Sometimes Sportacus goes over to one ofthe kids’ houses to hang out, but he has to be on guard against junk food, TV, and the other fun but enervating treats that surround him whenever he leaves his airship. Once he realizes he’s in the grip of temptation, will Sportacus find the strength to shake it off? Well, yes. But it won’t be easy!

Obviously, the other adults in LazyTown think Sportacus is a little, well, different. But Sportacus’ best friends – the kids of LazyTown – think he’s incredibly cool. LazyTown™ Entertainment

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“Sportacus is an amazing, acrobatic superhero with lightning-fast style! He does anything but the ordinary! He’s patient, kind, and always understanding. The best thing about Sportacus is that he is a great leader!” (2004-06) (2008)


sportacusSportacus 10 (?Sportacus? to his friends) is LazyTown?s resident action-health hero. He?s the hero every little boy and girl wants to be: fit, agile and an amazing acrobat with lightning fast moves. He loves to use everyday items in outrageous ways and never does anything ordinary when he can do it with flair. Patient and kind and always understanding, he doesn?t tell the kids of LazyTown not to do something, but rather leads by example.

His kryptonite is sugar. Just the slightest bit makes him instantly lethargic, and he crumples to the ground in a heap. His primary mode of transportation is his large airship that hovers over LazyTown. He travels between airship and LazyTown in a pod-like transporter, the Skutla. Alerted to trouble by a large crystal on his uniform, he?s ready in a flash to save the day.

Sportacus loves to see others succeed and is disappointed when they won?t even try. He looks beyond the status quo and believes there?s always a new, unique way to accomplish something. He?s a hero-for-all seasons, bringing vim and vigor to a world that?s sorely in need of it, an unstoppable wakeup force in a town that?s fast asleep.


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Sportacus is LazyTown’s slightly above average SuperHero.

He is the real-life embodiment of the action figure every kid dreams of becoming. Fit, agile and an amazing acrobat with lightning fast style. Sportacus is always moving, flipping through the air and landing on his feet.

Sportacus loves to use everyday items in outrageous ways, often skipping the ordinary when he can do something with flair. It’s no wonder he lives in an AirShip.

Sportacus owns a magical crystal that sits on his costume and glows when the LazyTown kids get into trouble. It keeps him quite busy actually. So to be able to charge his batteries, Sportacus always goes to bed at 8:08.

Sportacus is patient, kind, always understanding and does not tell the kids in LazyTown what not to do. He prefers to lead by example.

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Life is great with Lazytown!

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Life is great with Lazytown!
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