New “Gallery” and “About Me” pages

I think that it’s stupid making a blog post and video about everytime I get new photos (and a waste of space). So I’ve decided (and gotten inspired by that the photo collections are going to have their own pages!

I’ve brainstormed categories already –

  • Sportacus Screenies (LazyTown’s TV show, promos and live events, The Spy Next Door, LazyTown Extra, Latibaer)
  • Magnus photos (General)
  • Possessor’s choices (Offtopic Photos about Non-LazyTown Stuff I Like)
  • Behind The Sports (BTS Maggi/Sporty photos)

I’m going to start working on these today. The thought of it has me so happy because it’s… I don’t know, AWESOME!!!

Since it’s a weekend where I am, don’t be surprised if I have a lot done by Monday.

I’m also doing an about me page for the people who want to know about a website’s creator before visiting it (which is hella weird).

Anyways, have a funny B.T.S. photo from 2006, posted on the official LazyTown Facebook on July 21, 2009-

Edit 5:20 pm – The Galleries Page is LIVE!!! (and under progress)


Life is great with Lazytown!

About possessor

Life is great with Lazytown!
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