Magnus Scheving’s Best Interviews

Hello my fellow LazyTowners. I know I was away for long, but I was grounded.

Anyways, I have the time to make a post, so here are Maggi S’ best interviews.


3. Unknown Channel, 2010 Interview with Sportacus

LazyTown - Interview with Magnus Scheving - YouTube - 0-0-06

The reason this is on the list is because i think it’s funny how the creators of this interview have the audacity to call it an interview.

No one asks him any questions, and it’s 29 seconds long. Anyways, still good LazyTown media.

2. BBC Breakfast, August 24, 2010

LazyTown's Sportacus on BBC Breakfast 24.08.10 - YouTube - 0-0-13

The Go Step Go interview.. where Magnus shows off his awesome athletic skills and gets no praise at all except some tiny claps. Annoyed

I always liked him also trying to convince the news reporter he can do those as well. He can’t.

1. Nick Jr Insider, 2004

Magnús Scheving talks about the Show LazyTown - YouTube - 0-0-10

I think this is a cool interview because it answers the question many needed to know prior to this short .wmv clip..

What inspired Scheving to make Lazytown?
Also he is speaking facts in this. I remember last December I got pizza and started jumping around and talking loud and stuff. I mean, it’s pizza!


Well, anyways, this was a filler post, but thanks for reading. Tell me if ya wanna see more!





Life is great with Lazytown!

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