Interview with LazyPooky

Interview with forum administrator LazyPooky
by member possessor of mine

Do you still use the same computer as 13 years ago?
Once or sometimes twice a year I buy a new (work) computer, depending on the new gadgets and technology that come out, and sell the old one so I don’t have to pay so much extra for the new one. I can’t even remember what my old computer from 13 years ago looked like.

How did you learn ‘shooping’ photos (editing photos)?
Practise, practise, practise. There were some great photo shoopers on this forum who set an example for me.

How did you get the rights to (former) GetLazy as the main admin?
In 2009 a moderator position became available and I was selected to fulfill that role. I was 13 years old at the time which was a good age to learn about the web. They were using the free phpBB since the start of the forum in 2007 – still available on , purely for display purposes how it was like.​ In 2013 the forum software was updated to vBulletin (vB4). I paid for the license and so I became co-admin with VictoriaX (the owner of server). Later on, the hardware and software requirements of the getlazy server were no longer sufficient for the new forum software and therefore the forum software was moved to the server in 2021, and updated to the latest version (vB5). Since I own both the forum license and the server, I am now the main admin, with forum member BoredJedi as moderator.

Do you know where the old users are nowadays?
At some point in their lives, every member feels the need to speak their mind about their favorite show LazyTown when the attention to the show is high. The forums are for capturing and archiving that point in life. When the member’s attention to LazyTown fades away, they move on with their lives. I don’t expect anyone to suddenly come back after years of absence.

In the past, many members gathered on the forums at a certain point in LazyTown’s timeline when a special event occurred around LazyTown. Like in 2006-2008 (start forums, worldwide broadcasts, end of the show on TV in the USA), 2009-2011 (LazyTown has a lot of international TV attention, Live shows), 2012-2015 (new seasons and new Stephanie), 2016-2018 (memes, Stefan Karl passed away). At this point in LazyTown’s timeline (2022, less attention) I don’t think that many people feel like posting on the forums, with a few exceptions, and it serves more as an archive. I’m actually glad that it’s a bit quiet now.

Do you have other places on the internet to go, like social media?
For almost 10 years I was on many social media platforms mixing my personal life with being a LazyTown fan because I was young and immature and didn’t really care. That changed in the summer of 2021 when I was about to become co-owner of my father’s company. Partly because of the company’s reputation, the Board of Directors strongly advised me to have my online information removed by the company’s legal team, before the end of September 2021. There was little room for discussion about this. I believe they did a pretty thorough job. What remained was the content on the web server and after some discussions about that I had temporarily shut down the server for a year. But now it’s online again, forEVERRR.. So this is actually my only place as LazyTown fan.

What happened to the GetLazy YouTube channel?
I explained it in the previous answer. It was one of the online social media accounts that had to be disabled. It was a decision outside the fan community environment.

EDIT: The company was sold in 2023 and a new Board of Directors has been appointed​. Although I’m still co-leading the company, there are no strict rules about social media. That’s why my social media accounts are open again (Facebook, YouTube, etc.).​ Feel free to visit me there.

What happened to the GetLazy website? Many things were deleted. Is this because LazyTown is an old franchise and old Lazytown-related stuff has also been deleted?
First of all, we are not affiliated with LazyTown Entertainment or Warner Bros/Turner or Magnus etc.. All you see at , , etc.. is fanmade without the help from the officials. We can publish and post everything we like, we are not stuck in some sort of management that says “ can’t publish this anymore..”, or something like that. Our main goal is to share as much as there is.

Everything was moved to server because the server at was not configured well enough to set up new forum software, a Wiki upgrade and other stuff. I’m trying to reinstall everything that was on the old getlazy server but it’s taking some time. Nothing is lost, I have a backup of everything.

Can I sign up for the OLD getlazy [the archived one]?
Registration for the old GetLazy phpBB forum stopped in 2013, when we moved to vBulletin forum software. It’s a view only site. Actually, all posts can also be found on the ‘new’ forums.

On the homepage of, if you click on Miscellenous or Lazytown extra in the Media section, it doesn’t work and it stays the same page. Was it always like that?
EdisLaedo made the homepage on in 2008 but never updated it or finished the page so some parts (still) don’t work.

How was LazyTown International made? Do you also know how was made? And what does the eu domain stand for?? [you should have gotten a .lt domain, LMAO]
The website pages are written in certain programming languages, such as HTML, PHP, Javascript, and behind that is a database to store the information. We use ready-made packages that you can upload to the server and adjust to your own taste (vB5 forum, WordPress, Gallery packages etc.). Stephers was hand-made by Chuft with the programming language HTML. Once uploaded to the server on a domain you can see it online.

The domain was registered in 2014 and I can’t remember why I chose .eu extension.

When is the launching of Can I contribute?
We’re working on that.. actually the only thing needed is to upload the pictures lol.
The interface on is quite difficult so I can’t give you access to the admin section. You can always share your pictures on the forums.

Where is GetLazyMedia?
As part of the admin-team of GetLazy we where involved in a number of projects to serve the LazyTown Community. Some of the projects where quite expensive and we saved money for it from the YouTube revenue that we collected. In 2017, one of the projects was a 10 TB community server on GetLazyMedia with a purchase price of more than €1000 and €50/month to keep it running. About 50 members used the server to log in and shared their files. Revenue went down when YouTube changed policy and it stopped radically when a member deleted all of our YouTube videos. The GetLazyMedia project was forced to stop. The domain getlazymedia-com has also expired.

Other expensive projects that we financed (few hundred euro/dollar per project) was the translation of the Latibaer Plays and other pieces from Icelandic to English by a professional translator, the collection of episode languages dubs [with SollaMega and Bädo], LazyTown Forever [managed by member Stingy], collectables like books, magazines, games (with visits to Iceland) and make shareable copies for the community, and not to forget the website server, and some more projects. Unfortunately, we still have a lot of unfinished projects or projects that were in progress, but have not been completed due to the lack of finances and time.

Favourite LazyTown episodes?
I like the episode Play Day. It has more action and less talking.

Favourite LazyTown remix?
I was planning to make a remix of every LazyTown song but it didn’t get that far, I had some good ones in my head. From the released remixes: I kinda like the “Twenty Times Time” remix.

How did you learn song remixing?
I have a much older brother and when I was about 6 or 7 years old he had this small, premature recording studio where I used to come and play. Sometimes I was allowed to play the instruments (usually not), and most of the time I sat down at the computer or played a bit with the technical equipment. There I learned a little bit how to make electronic music. When I picked it up a few years later and used the software again to make music and remixes for the local club, I used that knowledge from back then. Same with the LazyTown remixes. I think the usual term applies here again: practice, practice, practice.

Worst thing about the community vs LazyTown company?
I would have preferred Magnus not to sell the company to Warner Media, but I understand that if he kept the company to himself, no new episodes would have happened. The worst thing about this situation with Warner Media is their lack of LazyTown community engagement, and obviously not releasing the season 4 soundtrack for us.

Favourite type of food?
I’m still addicted to paprika chips.

What books do you like to read?
I like books that help me in life and career. I have had to read an extreme amount of books over the last 4 years so I was able to take a leadership role in my father’s company. I read a lot of great books during my social-history and veterinary college education and I also like a romantic book sometimes.

What was your biggest regret?
I don’t often look back on what I could have done better, or what I regret, because I usually focus on the future. I don’t regret anything as a LazyTown fan, that’s just a silly hobby lol. If there’s anything I would regret, it would be something in my personal life or bad business decisions, but that hasn’t happened yet.

What is your opinion on 2010-20’s Nickelodeon and Disney?
I’ve never watched those commercial TV channels that much because it’s 80% cartoons, and I don’t like cartoons. The last thing I saw on Disney was the series Alex&Co and Wolfblood, but that was years ago.

If you could choose to invent ANY one thing you want, what would you invent.
A holographic fantasy world where you can indulge yourself in your own created environment. It will probably look a lot like LazyTown 🙂

Now, I was hoping when I did the previous interview this question was answered, but that was not the case, so I’m counting on you:

What was the trouble with Emilio?
He was just a kid in an (mostly) adult environment who couldn’t behave properly in there. I also think cultural differences were part of the odd behavior.

Thanks to member LazyPooky for accepting this interview request.

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Life is great with Lazytown!

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