198 Days – A comic by me

I know this has no reference or similarities to LazyTown or Sportacus whatsoever, but it’s a project I’ve been working on for a long time and would like to promote.

198 Days is a comic strip series about African Australian 11 year old David Pierce who is going through fifth grade, with his Canadian Icelandic schnawg/blud/homie/friend/dude/bruv/bro, Magnus Björk. You can guess where i got the name from, can ya?

Anyways, the comics are gag-a-day, comedy, reality and relatable. They’re drawn in Microsoft Paint. If you like wimpy kid and big Nate then you’ll L O V E 198 Days.

The comic is called 198 days because a school year where i live is 198 days.

The comic has 827 visitors, but we want to grow and get on gocomics!

Follow me view me comment me. yeah.

TUMBLR – 198days.tumblr.com / tumblr.com/198days

BLOGSPOT – official198days.blogspot.com

COMICFURY – 198days.thecomicseries.com

DEVIANTART – deviantart.com/LazyCus

Anyways, more sportastuff will be coming soon. I’ll try to update the galleries

Zee ya!!



Life is great with Lazytown!

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Life is great with Lazytown!
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